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Bicycle Frame Building Components


12 mm Front Dropouts

Paragon Machine Works is the first bicycle component manufacturer to make dropouts that are compatible with the new 100 x 12 mm skewer standard for road and cyclocross applications.  Two advantages of the 12 mm dropout and skewer are more secure wheel mounting for use with disc brakes, and a stiffer, stronger hub and fork assembly.  

We currently have two flanged dropout options available in 1018 steel, 18 mm (DR2054) and 24 mm (DR2055) wide, and a flat version in 4130 steel, (DR2052).  We have two 100 x 12 mm compatible skewers:  SK4001 is 100% Paragon-made from black anodized 6061 aluminum, and SK4002 is a modified DT Swiss RWS skewer.