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Converting from 135 x 10 mm to 142 x 12 mm Hubs/Skewers

More bicyclists are choosing to convert their 135 x 10 mm hub/skewer to a 142 x 12 mm system because of the advantages it has to offer:  it allows for more secure wheel mounting for use with disc brakes, and a stiffer, stronger hub and frame assembly.

All of our Sliding, Rocker, and PolyDrop dropouts can be converted from 135 x 10 mm to 142 x 12 mm hubs/skewers.  It is as easy as switching out the 10 mm inserts for ones that are compatible with a 142 x 12 mm hub/skewer.  Note:  this does not apply to 148 mm BOOST hubs.

The first step is deciding which skewer you are going to use:  Shimano, DT Swiss, or a PMW Combination Head (only compatible with DT Swiss inserts/dropouts).  All our skewers are available at a discounted price with the purchase of a compatible insert/dropout.  Next, decide what option you want on the right side:  no hanger, conventional hanger, or a Shimano Direct Mount hanger.  For all current Shimano mountain derailleurs, choose the Direct Mount hanger option.  For all other derailleurs, choose a conventional hanger.  And finally for a single speed, choose no hanger.

Example 1:  Rider A has a greared mountain bike with PMW Rocker dropouts.  He wants to use a DT Swiss compatible skewer and needs a conventional hanger for his SRAM derailleur.  He chooses our B4042, and PMW Combination Head skewer SK4010 from the pull-down menu on the insert page.

Example 2:  Rider B has a single speed mountain bike with PMW sliding dropouts and a Shimano mountain derailleur.  She wants to change to a geared bike and upgrade to the 142 x 12 mm system.  She chooses DR4044 and Shimano skewer SH000.

The next step is choosing the left side insert.  Consider what brake option you are using:  ISO, post mount for 160 mm rotor, post mount for 140 mm rotor, or no brake mount.  Note:  not all brake options are available for all inserts

The final step is replacing the old insert with the new ones which is a direct, bolt on replacement.