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Direct Mount Hangers

In 2007 Shimano introduced their Shadow Derailleur technology.  While it decreased chain slap, allowed for a narrower profile and provided snappier shifting, it also required the addition of a new component, the B-Link.

Direct Mount Derailleur with conventional hanger and B-Link

In 2012, Shimano improved on this technology and introduced their Direct Mount Rear Derailleurs (DRD).  In order to take full advantage of this improvement, direct mount hangers were developed. These hangers eliminate the B-Link, make wheel removal easier, and increase the stiffness of the derailleur/frame interface.  Removal of the B-link reduces physical and visual clutter at the dropout, and looks far better than if the B-link is included.

Direct Mount Derailleur with direct mount hanger and no B-Link

Despite these advantages, production and custom frame builders continue to use traditional hangers with DRD, forcing the use of a B-Link.  While DRD are backwards compatible and will work with a traditional hanger, a direct mount hanger gets rid of the need for a B-Link and gives the rider all the benefits that this system has to offer.

If you have a DRD that uses a traditional hanger and B-Link, consider an upgrade to a direct mount hanger.  We have a full line of direct mount hangers and inserts for all our dropouts, available for both 10 mm and 12 mm hub configurations.

Remember, if you use direct mount, remove the B-Link.

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We are closed Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day

New Products

We now have 177 mm (TDSH004), and 197 mm (TDSH005) skewers that are compatible with only our flat and flanged ToggleDrop frame components, and our ToggleDrop inserts for a Shimano 12 mm skewer.  The actual lengths of the skewers are 183 mm and 203 mm to accommodate the thickness of the ToggleDrop assembly.  The quick release mechanism is the original Shimano product. The actual lengths of the skewers are 183 mm (TDSH004) and 203 mm (TDSH005), allowing 6 mm extra to accommodate the thickness of the ToggleDrop assembly. Included with the skewer are a titanium nut and washer manufactured by Paragon Machine Works.

Website Improvements

In a continuing effort to improve our website and make it more user-friendly, we have added a quick-add feature to our products.  You now have the option to add a product to your cart quickly and easily by clicking on an "Add to Cart" button, rather than having to go to the individual product page.  A pop-up screen comes up after you have added the product to verify that it was put into your cart.  Exceptions to this are products that have pull down menu options for compatible items, such as skewers and bolts.  You are not able to quick add these items to your cart, instead you can select the "Choose Options" button and it will bring you to the product page.  Another addition is a quick-link to your cart that can be found under the search bar, allowing you to easily access your cart on any product page.

A big thank you to the customer who asked for the "Add to Cart" feature, we hope that it saves our customers valuable time.  If you have any ideas for improving our website please send them to donna(@)paragonmachineworks.com.

Meet Your Maker News

Thanks to the organizational efforts of Sean Walling of Soulcraft Bikes, there are a bunch of Meet Your Maker Tours scheduled over the next six months.  The Meet Your Maker Tour is your invitation to ride alongside and hang out with some of Northern California's best bicycle frame builders and component makers.

The next tour is being hosted by Caletti Cycles on May 30th, 2015.  Join them for a road ride exploring the coastline and mountains around Santa Cruz with Northern California frame builders and friends. It starts and ends at the new home of Caletti Cycles.  Arrive early and grab a coffee and snacks at one of the neighborhood cafes. After the ride tour the workshop and see where and how the bikes are made and get lunch around the corner at the brewery or cafe.  For more information visit the Meet Your Maker website.

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

We are excited to announce that Paragon Machine Works and Paul Component Engineering have co-adopted the Downie River Trail in the Plumas National Forest near Downieville, CA.  The trail adoption program is run through the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, an organization that works to preserve, enhance, and restore trails in the Plumas and Tahoe National Forests. Paul and his wife Marley set out to explore our newly adopted trail.

"We set out in search of our new trail after extensive research done in the St. Charles the night before.  Basically you take the Cemetery road and turn left on Sailor Ravine.  Sailor Ravine then turns into the Downie River Trail.  Seemed like a piece of cake.

Pavement ends 100 feet from the street sign and a steep 4x4 road takes off from there.  After much climbing and one REALLY pretty brook crossing, we had to turn around. Haley the dog was getting tired and we had taken a wrong turn and stumbled onto an active mining claim. The right turn would have yielded another long climb.  We left wondering if we’d ever get back down to river level after so much climbing, but these are the ways of the mountains. Upon returning to town we needed clarification of our perilous journey and returned to the bar.  The bartender, Robin, grew up in a shack past the end of the road and actually rode a donkey into town when she wasn’t taking the flume that was the shortcut to school. (Her mother, Karen, aka Granny, told us the donkey refused to walk on pavement.)

Turns out we had made it about halfway to the trail head.  We also learned the trail has three bridges that cross the river, and a super great swimming hole.  We’ll be back in two weeks without the dog and pledge to make it to there.  We’re really excited about the project. It’s gonna be awesome."

Field Trip To Cycle Monkey

Cycle Monkey just moved into their new building down the street from us, and we accepted an invitation to stop by.  Thanks to Tyler, Stefan, Sarah and Jake who stayed late to show us the shop and chat about what they do.  Congratulations to them on their beautiful new space!

Giving Back

Paragon Machine Works donates 100% of all revenues from the sale of our bottle openers and promotional items to non-profit organizations that promote bicycle safety, awareness, and community.  In April we raised $970 for The Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park.

Live, Ride, Thrive

"The best bike racers, he knew, usually had deep inner demons that they were running away from.  Bike racing was like chemotherapy of the soul, burning and cauterizing the bad thoughts."

~ From Wheelmen, Gotham Books, 2013, referring to Eddie Borysewicz, trainer to three-time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond.

We are excited to donate all our revenue to VetBikes.org during the month of May, an organization that donates bicycles to veterans to help facilitate their path to wellness.  Cycling helps veterans manage their post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, increase their general fitness, and get outside and active in their local community.  VetBikes.org uses donated parts to build high quality, custom bicycles that last.  Veterans keep them for their own, allowing them to continue cycling therapy during and after graduation from veteran rehabilitation programs.  Their goal is that no veteran is denied a rehabilitation opportunity due to a lack of resources, and bicycles are their contribution to this effort.  Individuals identified by veteran’s programs as the most likely to become "lifer" cyclists are given first priority for bicycles.

If you don’t need another t-shirt but want to make a difference, consider donating your high quality spare parts and/or bicycles instead.  Money donations are also accepted.  For more information and photos visit their Facebook page.

We appreciate your support!

Total amount donated to date:  $7793

Previous Beneficiaries

Sonoma County Bicycle CoalitionNational Interscholastic Cycling AssociationFriends of China CampSF Urban Riders (McLaren Bike Park) • Bike East BayFriends of Tamarancho In Memory of Tom PolermoMarin Museum of Bicycling The Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park


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