PolyDrop Inserts Out of Tolerance

Due to an error in manufacturing and quality control, some of our PolyDrop inserts made prior to June 2014 are out of tolerance.  If you have any PolyDrop inserts with the following defects, please let us know, and we will replace them at no charge:

1) Inserts with a 10 mm axle slot:  the slots are undersized, the axle may fit too tightly.
2) Inserts for a post mount brake caliper:  the mounting holes may be too close/far from the rotor for a proper fit.

Please note:  none of the defects will affect the integrity or safety of your frame.

We strive for excellence in quality and customer service, and are working hard to get corrected parts back in stock as quickly as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience with this problem.

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New Products

Flat Stainless Steel ToggleDrops

We have a limited number of flat 17/4 stainless steel ToggleDrop assemblies available for sale, TD1082 and TD1082BD.  They are compatible with a 142 x 12 mm skewer.  TD1082BD has an 8 mm hole properly located on the ride side frame component to accommodate a seatstay kit for a belt drive option.  The ToggleDrop assemblies include the right and left frame components, and the toggle mechanism components; inserts and seatstay kits must be ordered separately.  Drawings and photos will be coming soon.

Titanium 44 mm Headtube

Our newest titanium headtube, HT0001, is 90 mm long and accepts all 44 mm headset cups. It is made from 3/2.5 titanium tubing and is relieved inside and out. The bearing bores are supplied .5 mm (.020") undersize to allow for post-weld reaming, and must be finished to size by the frame builder. The inside relief is 45 mm diameter. Both ends of the headtube are 50 mm outside diameter. The center relief on the outside is 1 7/8" diameter. The length is 90 mm with a tolerance of +0.25 mm (.010") - 0.5 mm (.020") / -0 to allow for facing after welding. By using different headsets, this headtube can use forks with 1-1/8" and 1-1/2" straight steerers, and 1-1/8" x 1-1/2" tapered steerers.

DT Swiss Skewers for Fat Bikes

We offer three different sizes of the DT Swiss RWS (non Syntace) skewer for fat bikes.  The 142 mm shaft has been replaced with a 157 mm (DT003), 177 mm (DT004), or 197 mm (DT005) black anodized 6061 aluminum shaft manufactured by Paragon Machine Works. They are compatible with all our 1-1/2" round, adjustable sliding, and Rocker dropout inserts that are compatible with a DT Swiss 12 mm skewer. The quick release mechanism is the original DT Swiss product.


PMW Seriously Pink Summer Socks

Our seriously pink socks have arrived and are available for only $10/pair!  These extraordinarily comfy socks are made by SockGuy in the USA from an acrylic blend, are stretch to fit, have a 6" cuff that features the Paragon Machine Works logo in black on both sides, and "Paragon Machine Works" in black bone lettering on the bottom. Available in S/M (shoe size 5 - 9) and L/XL (shoe size 9 - 13).


Upcoming Events

There are many events coming up in the next few months sponsored by the Meet Your Maker Tour, an organization dedicated to bringing bicycle enthusiasts, bicycle frame builders, and component makers together for rides throughout Northern California.

Meet Your Maker, August 9th, 2014

Join White Industries and Soulcraft for a "NO DROP" MYM road ride through rolling country hills.  The ride starts and ends at White Industries in Petaluma, with 44.6, 28.6, and 20.4 mile options available.  Brats, assorted sides, and beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company available after the ride.


Race Your Maker!

Annadel Mountain Bike Race, August 15-16th, 2014

For the second year we will be hitching the MYM wagon to the Annadel Mountain Bike Race. This Bike Monkey-run race takes you for a fast and rugged tour around the regional gem that is Annadel State Park. We will be hosting a Friday evening ride at Annadel at 5:30 with a BBQ/food to follow. You are invited to camp out with us as well and if you’re up to it, race on Saturday. The Friday ride will be a friendly pace and probably no more that 10-15 miles. If you want to race you can sign up for that separately here. If you are planning on doing the pre-ride and/or camping please RSVP to jeremyb(at)sycip.com so we can reserve you a chicken wing.


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