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North American Handmade Bicycle Show, 2014

Photos courtesy of Jon Suzuki

Many people have asked us if NAHBS 2014 was a good show for us, and we answer with an enthusiastic “yes”!  Getting to visit with frame builders that use our parts is truly an honor.   We admire their creativity, ingenuity and passion, and are amazed at the number of beautiful bikes that are on display.  We’re left wondering how the consumer can choose only one, when we’d like to have one of each.

If you were at the show we hope that you got to see our new ToggleDrop in action. Rebecca, who runs our Shipping Department, is the proud owner of the gorgeous bike that Moots made to showcase our new dropout (click here to see her give a live demo at NAHBS, 2014).  You can count on her to do some hardcore product testing.  Yes, she's willing to get those pink sapphires dirty!  She’ll keep you posted on our Facebook page with all her ToggleDrop adventures. 

For more photos see our News and Events page.

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New Products

Photos courtesy of Titchmarsh Cycles

Photographer:  Dan Sharp


The ToggleDrop is an adjustable dropout assembly that allows precise axle positioning for optimal chain or belt tensioning.  We now have a limited number of the 6/4 titanium flat and flanged assemblies available for sale.  To purchase the complete assembly you must order three different items.

First step:   order flat or flanged frame components 

The frame components are the foundation of the ToggleDrop.  They have the pivot for the insert, anchor for the toggle mechanism, and slots that allow the inserts to travel through their arc.  They are available in 6/4 titanium (TD0081 - flanged, TD0082 - flat); we will have 17/4 stainless steel versions in the future.

Included with the purchase of the frame components are the toggle mechanism components, and the skewer.  The right and left side toggle mechanism precisely control the axle movement and tension the chain or belt, and are made up of:  two M8 turnbuckle screws, one toggle lever, one right link, on left finger link, two turnbuckle pivots, two link pivots, one left link end, one right link end, two insert pivots, and retaining clips for pivots.

The frame components and inserts are locked in place by the quick release skewer.  The ToggleDrop is only compatible with a Shimano 142 x 12 mm skewer that has been modified to fit the dropout by Paragon Machine Works.  The skewer comes with a titanium nut and washer that are made by Paragon Machine Works.

Second step:  order a right side insert

The inserts are the moveable components of the assembly.  They allow for different brake and derailleur options, as well as wheel positioning for proper chain or belt tensioning.  Currently we offer a right side insert for a 142 x 12 mm skewer with no derailleur hanger, available in bare (DR4063) or black anodized (B4063) 6061 aluminum.

Third step:  order a left side insert

The left side insert is for a 142 x 12 mm skewer and has a post mount for a 160 rotor, available in bare (DR4062) or black anodized (B4062) 6061 aluminum.  More right and left insert options will be available soon.


Drawings for TD0081:  Assembly, Frame Components

Instructions for ToggleDrop Assembly

Toggle Drop You Tube Video, 2013

Stainless Steel Rear Dropout for 142 x 12 mm Axle

1-1/2'' round, rear Wright style dropouts that accept all 142 mm x 12 mm rear hubs are now available in 17/4 stainless steel, DR1065 (right and left frame components only).  The inside face of the dropout is relieved to 20 mm wide x 3.5 mm deep, and the flange height is 1.040". The right side accommodates an insert that can be purchased separately hereDT Swiss and Shimano skewers are available at a discounted price when purchased with the dropout.

14" Steel Steerer Tube

We have a new steerer tube made from 4130 steel tubing, MS2022.  It is 14'' in total length, 12" in steerer length, and is tapered 1-1/2" x 1-1/8"; these are nominal dimensions that identify the proper headset to use. The crown race seat is supplied 1.592" diameter, and must be finished to size after fabrication by the frame builder.  Watch The Making of a Steerer Tube on YouTube.

Steel PF30 Bottom Bracket Shell

Our newest 4130 steel bottom bracket shell, BB2037, is designed to be used as a fat bike eccentric shell. The outside is 2" OD by 101 mm wide, allowing 1 mm for finishing, and is relieved to 1.946". The inside diameter is supplied .5 mm undersized, to 45.5 mm (1.791"), and must be finished to width and size after fabrication by the frame builder. It is relieved in the center for weight reduction to 47.24 mm (1.860").


T-Shirt Special!

We didn’t bring enough t-shirts to NAHBS!  So for those of you who missed out or just want a good deal on a great t-shirt, here’s your opportunity to get one for only $10.

Offer good through 4/30/14.



Steel Bolts for Adjustable Dropouts

We have received a few complaints that our steel bolts for our adjustable dropouts don’t last long enough due to rounding out of the head with tightening.  We are aware that they don’t last forever and unfortunately, we haven’t been able to source a low profile bolt that doesn’t wear out over time.  Here are a few suggestions to help prolong the life of your bolts.

1) Use an allen wrench that is in very good condition, a worn out one will quickly wear out the head of the bolt.

2) Tighten the bolts to our recommended tolerance, over tightening them will wear them out faster. The official torque specifications for our M8 x 18 (sliding dropouts) and M8 x 16 (Rocker dropouts) steel bolts are 24 to 26 N-m, 2.4 to 2.6 Kg-m, or 17 to 19 foot pounds. A word of caution:  unless you have a brand new 5 mm wrench, at the upper range of these values there is a possibility of rounding out the socket head on a steel bolt.

3) Always use our 304 stainless steel washers with the bolts; they spread the load over a larger area, hold the parts together better, and keep your frame from getting damaged from repeated tightening and loosening of the bolts.

You can upgrade to titanium bolts at a discounted price when you purchase sliding or rocker dropout frame components; we feel it is well worth the expense.  We offer two different kinds of titanium bolts: a 6 mm hexagon combination bolt and a 5 mm hexagon button head bolt. The hexagon in these bolts is deeper and is manufactured to a closer tolerance, they are lighter and nicer looking, and can be torqued 10% more than our steel bolt.


Useful Information and FAQs

We have updated our FAQ page with useful information and answers to frequently asked questions about our components, production, materials, ordering, and shipping.  Please take a look, they are a good resource.


Mobile Website

We are excited to announce that we now have a website that is optimized for your mobile device. You don't need to download an app, the application will know when you're accessing our webstore from a mobile device.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  If you have any ideas for improvement then e-mail donna(at)paragonmachineworks.com.


Welding Titanium Yokes

Rody at Groovy Cycle Works kindly shared his blog post about welding our titanium yolks.  We think you'll find it very useful.





Meet Your Maker Tour

The next Meet Your Maker Tour will be on May 10, 2014 in Sacramento, CA, hosted by Blue Collar Bikes.  In addition to the ride, there will be a frame raffle to benefit Chako Pit Bull Rescue.

The ride leaves from and finishes at the Hideaway Bar & Grill, which has a large parking lot and will be open to serve food and drink by the time the ride is over.  The 50 mile loop takes you through a few neighborhoods and then south on the Sacramento River levee road to Clarksburg, a convenient stop 17 miles into the loop where you can shop for pop tarts and drinks.  After Clarksburg, you'll follow deserted slough roads, loop around through some vineyards and more sloughs/levees, and back to town through West Sacramento, crossing the river and back to the bar. There's less than 500 feet of elevation gain throughout the ride, with an easy pace and lots of opportunities for socializing. It's a really nice loop with some great scenery and only a few miles on busy roads.  Click here for a map of the ride.  We hope you can join us!


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