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12 mm Skewer Update

Confused Cat

Over the last couple of years, our customers have expressed their frustration and confusion associated with the wide variety of skewer standards that are available. We share those feelings and have found it difficult to provide skewer, insert, and dropout options for all of them. For these reasons, we have to decided to transition to a M1.5 thread for all our REAR 12 mm right side inserts (PolyDrop, Sliding, Rocker, and 1-1/2" Rear), skewers, and dropouts (front skewers are already threaded M1.5).

The beauty of this change is that eventually we will only need to stock M12 x 1.5 skewers. No more trying to decide whether you need a Shimano, DT Swiss or combination head skewer; any M12 x 1.5 rear skewer will be compatible with any of our rear 12 mm dropouts/inserts. As is the case now, we can only guarantee compatibility between our parts; we can't determine whether our skewers/inserts will work with dropouts that aren't manufactured by us. Additionally, we will continue to offer a 23% discount when a skewer is purchased with a compatible dropout/insert.

Although this change will simplify things in the long run, we understand that it might cause more confusion and frustration in the short term.  We will try to make things as simple as possible by:

  • including the thread pitch in the item title and description.
  • referencing the replacement part under the old part number.
  • showing compatible skewers under Related Products for each dropout/insert (found on the each product web page under the item description).
  • implementing the changes gradually.

We recently ran out of our B4039 and DR4039:  Right Side Insert, Sliding Dropout, No Hanger, M12 x 1. You have our flanged sliding dropouts on your bike with our DR4039 on the right side and it's become worn out. You search our webstore for DR4039 and the item title says DR4039: TO ORDER SEE P/N DR4139. Because you read our newsletter, you understand that you will need to buy either B4139 (black anodized) or DR4139 (bare) AND a compatible skewer.

NOTE: the zero (0) in the original part number has been changed to a one (1); we will use this new numbering system to designate the M12 x 1.5 thread.

We are happy to answer your questions and appreciate your patience during this transition.

New Products

Threaded BB Shell


Our selection of bottom bracket shells now includes a steel threaded 1-1/2" x 110.5 mm, BB2014.


M12 x 1.5 Rear Skewers

We continue to expand our line of M12 x 1.5 rear combination head skewers and now have them in 157 mm (SK4082), 177 mm (SK4083), and 197 mm (SK4084) lengths.  They are compatible with all our dropouts and inserts with a M12 x 1.5 thread.

T47 Taps

We were planning on discontining our T47 tap, FT2001, because it was available through a different manufacturer.  Due to the number of requests we've received lately, we've decided to continue stocking this item.  It's currently on order and will be available for purchase within a couple of months.  We will no longer carry our skip tooth T47 tap, FT2002.  We appreciate your feedback and patience.

Giving Back

Richmond Composite

We are happy to be able to provide financial support for local organizations such as Richmond Composite, a local mountain bike high school team based in Richmond, CA. They provide opportunities for Richmond area high school youth to have posititive, fun, and safe learning experiences on mountain bikes.

They are committed to removing barriers to participation in an effort to get more kids on bikes. This includes providing access to great mountain bikes and equipment like helmets and gloves, removing financial barriers such as fees associated with the sport, and otherwise providing mentorship and leadership from trained coaches to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Our contribution paid for a kid like Sergio (shown above) to register and race for an entire season with the team. According to Richmond Composite "he has raced three times this season and is really finding himself and his confidence through mountain biking. He's also getting fast and loving the freedom having a mountain bike has offered him to explore around his hometown and beyond. This is changing his world for the better. Thank you."

Please join us in supporting local organizations that help get more kids on bikes.