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Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Nomination!


Nominees have been chosen for the 2017 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and we're proud to announce that our very own Mark Norstad was one of those selected! Congratulations to him and to the other nominees:

  • Brent Foes
  • Giovanna Bonazzi
  • Josh Bender*
  • Ken Chlouber*
  • Mark Norstad
  • Stan Koziatek
  • Steve Peat
  • Tim Neenan
  • Tym Manley & Steve Behr (MBUK Magazine),
  • Wolfgang Renner*

* Roll-Forwards from previous year's ballots

Headtube Material

Our titanium headtube material, TI0155, is now back in stock and available for your ordering pleasure!  Thank you for your patience.

Ordering Post Caliper Mounts

We know change is hard, but in the interest of better inventory control we've changed the way we sell our post caliper mounts. We used to include the barrel nuts with the caliper mount, but now they need to be ordered separately. The prices on the caliper mounts have been lowered to reflect this, and there are links on the individual product pages that direct you to the barrel nut ordering pages. Additionally barrel nuts are now sold as a pair rather than individually; you will need to order a quantity of 1 barrel nut per caliper mount. Barrel nuts are also available for sale by the pair as a stand alone item. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this change.

New Products

Flanged Chainstay and Seatstay Plugs

Flanged Seatstay PlugFlanged Seatstay Plug on DropoutFlanged Chainstay PlugFlanged Chainstay Plug on Dropout

We now offer a 5/8" flanged option for flat dropout plugs:  one for the chainstay, MS2042, and one for the seatstay MS2036.  Made from 1018 steel, one end has a step to fit the chainstay/seatstay tab on all of our steel and stainless steel flat dropouts. The other end is flanged to accommodate most chainstays at almost any angle.

Steel Headtubes

We are adding more sizes to our selection of steel headtubes and will eventually have them available in 5 mm increments from 90 - 200 mm.