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Happy 35th Anniversary!

Young Mark

This month Paragon Machine Works celebrates its 35th anniversary.

The bicycle industry has grown and changed tremendously since Mark started the business in his parents’ basement in 1983.  Where there used to be a few standardized parts to build a frame with, there are now a mind boggling number of different components, standards, and materials available.  Custom frame building has changed from a little known basement activity to an art form.  Despite these changes, Paragon Machine Works remains committed to making functional, high quality parts that are aesthetically pleasing; and backing them up with great customer service and attention to detail.

It truly takes a village to make a business successful, and we’re so grateful for the people that make up ours:  the frame builders who freely share their feedback and ideas, our loyal employees who take great pride in their work, our friends who ride bikes and share beers with us, and our parents who have helped us stay on our feet during hard economic times.

Thank you for your support over the years, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

We are planning a 35th Anniversary celebration in September, more details to follow.

New Products

Sliding Dropout Inserts for Rohloff A12 Hub


We now make right and left side inserts for our flat/flanged sliding dropouts that are compatible with the Rohloff A12 hub.  The right side inserts, B4055 (black anodized) and DR4055 (bare) have no hanger, and the left side inserts, B4056 (black anodized) and DR4056 (bare) have an ISO mount.  All are made from 6061 aluminum.

For more information see the Bike Rumor article:  Cycle Monkey x Paragon Machine Works team up for Rohloff A12 thru axle dropouts

Polydrop Inserts

Our line of PolyDrop inserts has expanded to include ones that are compatible with the Shimano road standard for Direct Mount derailleur. They are available with eyelets, PA4114 (bare) and PB4114 (black anodized) and without eyelets, PA4113 (bare) and PB4113 (black anodized).

Steel Flat Front Dropout for 12 mm Hub


Our newest 1018 steel flat front dropout, DR2060, has four M5 x .8 eyelets and is compatible with a 12 mm skewer. The pair consists of an M12 x 1.5 mm threaded side and a non-threaded side, the tabs are 18 mm wide. Compatible skewers can be found in the Related Products section on the product page.

Stainless Steel Flat Front Dropout for HON Hub


We now make a 17/4 stainless steel flat front dropout, DR1061, that is compatible with SON Hub dynamos and a 12 mm skewer. SON Hub dynamos are used to power headlight, rear light, and charging devices. These dropouts are used to build a fork specifically for SON SL “connector-less” hubs and require an SL connector kit (not available through Paragon Machine Works). Contact areas on the hub and fork make the connections: the ground connection is made at one fork end, the phase connection at the other fork end.

The frame components consist of an M12 x 1.5 mm threaded side, and a non-threaded side that accommodates an insulating contact plate. Each side has two M5 x .8 eyelets and tabs that are 18 mm wide. Compatible skewers are available at a discount when purchased with the dropouts.

Steel T47 Bottom Bracket Shell

We have a new steel T47 bottom bracket shell, BB2048. It is machined from 2" x .095" wall 4130 steel tubing. The outside diameter is the the stock tube diameter. The width is 108 mm, supplied 1 mm oversize to allow clean up after welding. The threads are M47 x 1, right and left hand, with a thread length of 0.50". The left hand thread is identified by a radial groove on the face of the shell. The minor diameter of the thread is 46 mm +.1/-0 and is relieved on the inside diameter to 47.75 mm +/- 0.1.

Our new milling machine arrives!


Our new Fanuc Robodrill 3 axis CNC mill arrived and is safely in it's new home at Paragon.  It's a compact and efficient machine that will help us get caught up on our back log of milled parts.  We expect to have it up and running by early June; its first job will be stainless steel and titanium tube splitters in a variety of sizes.