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Mark Norstad:  Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductee!


We're very happy and excited to announce that Mark Norstad, founder and owner of Paragon Machine Works, was one of four individuals elected into the Mountain Bike of Hall of Fame in 2017. The other inductee-elects are Brent Foes, Giovanna Bonazzi and Wolfgang Renner.

These four legends will be honored and officially inducted at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame’s induction weekend, to take place Friday and Saturday September 22-23, in Fairfax, California at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. The weekend’s events include a meet-and-greet Friday night; celebrity rides on the trails of Mt. Tamalpais on Saturday morning; and Saturday night’s induction ceremony. 

These 2017 Inductees represent diverse mountain biking backgrounds and expertise:
Brent Foes   A master fabricator, Brent “Made in the USA” Foes is the father of long-travel-suspension mountain bikes that have passed the test of time. It is not uncommon to see ten-year-old Foes bikes still being used by happy owners. His ability to push the envelope has led to better mountain bikes for everyone.       
Giovanna Bonazzi  This Italian downhill racer’s international presence helped join European and American mountain bike competition into a unified sport. Her success and panache captured the imaginations of other women and inspired them to get into downhill racing as international professionals.
Mark Norstad   An unsung hero of mountain bike innovation, Mark, founder of Paragon Machine Works, has the proven ability to work with mountain bike innovators, understand and refine their ideas, and turn their designs into solid, reliable bicycle parts.
Wolfgang Renner   A true renaissance man, Wolfgang has left his mark on mountain biking as a manufacturer, journalist, race organizer, traveler and 3-D photographer. In a nutshell, he is mountain biking’s first advocate and promoter in Europe.

Tickets on sale now  through Eventbrite for the September 22-23 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Induction Weekend events, including the 2017 induction ceremony. Early bird pricing is in effect until September 1st.

Headtube Update

New Lathe

Our "new" 2002 Nakamura-Tome lathe has arrived!  Our plan is to use this machine exclusively for making headtubes, allowing us to catch up on our production of all our different styles.  In the meantime, we have re-started production on our existing lathes and will be stocking our shelves with them soon.  As always, we greatly appreciate your patience while we get up to speed with our headtube production.

New Products

Titanium Chainstay and Seatstay Plugs

We now offer our chainstay and seastay plugs for flat dropouts in 6/4 titanium.  The chainstay plug, MS0046, is 19 mm OD and has a step to fit the chainstay tab on all of our titanium flat dropouts. The other end is a cone to accommodate most chainstays 19 mm diameter or less.  The seatsay plug, MS0051, is 16 mm OD and has a step with a 3/8" radius to fit the seatstay tab on all of our titanium flat dropouts. The other end is a cone to accommodate seatstays at almost any angle.