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PMW and Loco Machine Headtubes
Loco Machine Headtubes

Hinmaton Hisler from Loco Machine stopped by to help get us up and running on production of the various styles of titanium headtubes that we will be manufacturing and offering for sale:  44 mm single collar, 44 mm double collar, tapered IS41/47 and tapered IS41/52.  As they're produced, we're adding them to our website.  It's a monumental task and we really appreciate your patience and understanding while we get all these items in stock.

New Products

1-1/8" OD Rear Dropout for Speed Release Thru Axle System

Titanium Flat Mount Dropout

Our newest rear dropout, DR2024, is compatible with the Speed Release Thru Axle System for road bikes. It is machined from 1-1/8" OD 1018 steel bar stock and has a flange height of 17 mm. The left frame piece is 10 mm thick at the QR face, and the right frame piece is 7 mm thick at the hanger. 

Please note:
  1) this dropout is compatible with Speed Release axles only (not available for sale through Paragon Machine Works), and 2) dummy axles are currently not available.

Steel 3/4" Chainstay to Flat Dropout Plug

We have expanded our selection of chainstay to flat dropout plugs to include a 3/4" size, MS2041.

Stainless Steel Cable Guide


Our new 303 stainless steel triple saddle cable guide, CS1322, can hold one, two, or three cables, allowing for a disc brake hydraulic hose or full-length housing to be attached to the frame with a zip-tie

Flanged Chainstay and Seatstay Plugs

Flanged Seatstay PlugFlanged Seatstay Plug on DropoutFlanged Chainstay PlugFlanged Chainstay Plug on Dropout

We now offer a 5/8" flanged option for flat dropout plugs:  one for the chainstay, MS2042, and one for the seatstay MS2036.  Made from 1018 steel, one end has a step to fit the chainstay/seatstay tab on all of our steel and stainless steel flat dropouts. The other end is flanged to accommodate most chainstays at almost any angle.

New Website

After over a year of behind-the-scenes work, our new website is up and running. We hope that you find it user-friendly and informational. On our end, it is a more robust platform that will allow us to provide better customer service and improved inventory management. We hope for a smooth transition but it always takes time to get used to a new system; please let us know immediately if you find errors or that something isn't working properly. Also keep in mind that your account from our current website WILL NOT transfer over, you will need to create a new one and re-subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you have a California Resale Certificate and a tax exempt account with us, we will need to help set up a new tax exempt account for you. Here's the process for creating one on our new website (this need to be done BEFORE you place an order):

  • Click on "Account" on the top right of our home page.
  • Click on "Register".
  • Fill in the necessary information and register for an account.
  • Notify us by phone or email that you've registered for an account and we will move your account into the tax exempt category.
Thank you in advance for your support, patience and understanding while we get things up and running.