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Bicycle Frame Building Components

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Paragon Machine Works

A CNC Production Machine Shop

Metal to Masterpiece: Paragon Machine Works

• Our Machines •

• Two 2 axis CNC lathes

• One 3 axis CNC lathe

• Two 7 axis CNC lathes

• One 8 axis CNC lathe






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Five 3-axis CNC mills

Maximum x-travel of 30"

Maximum 20,000 RPM

15 HP




We have an entire complement of support equipment and inspection and gaging tools.

• Our Work •

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• Bicycle components

• Alternative energy

• Custom fasteners

• Film

• Electronics

• Biotechnology

• Process equipment

• Heavy equipment

• Motor sports





• Custom Products •

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Estimating a price for a product involves determining costs for design, programming, set-up, materials, and labor.  It is not uncommon for the initial design phase to cost upwards of $1000.  For this reason it is rarely worth it to make a few parts; a quantity of twenty-five or more is generally a reasonable starting production number.  Coming up with an accurate quote is time consuming and requires thoughtful analysis; please request one only if you feel you have a viable product that it is worth the financial investment.

In order to quote a product we need:

• a .dxf or 3D CAD file, dimensioned and toleranced, sent to quotes(at)paragonmachineworks.com.  We can create a drawing for you but it will add to the expense of your project.

• production quantities.

• type of material.

• date that you need your product by (we generally need a 4 - 6 week lead time).

Written acceptance of our quote or a purchase order, along with a 50% deposit is required prior to start of production; the remainder is due upon shipment/delivery/pick-up.

We do not make samples but guarantee that the finished product will match the specifications of your drawing.  We will re-make your product or refund your money if there is a production error.

If we are unable to accommodate your production needs, it is not a reflection of the worthiness of your project.

Sorry, we do not make prototypes or do product modification.


References available upon request.