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We stock domestic and foreign titanium tubing that can be used for various bicycle frame building applications. The domestic tubing is high quality and will not crack or break with bending. It is available in a variety of outside diameters and wall thicknesses, and can be cut to length or ordered in full lengths at a discounted price.

We have decided to pair down our selection of titanium tubing and only stock our best-selling sizes:

  • 2" OD x .150W (P/N TI0155)
  • 1-5/8" x .151W (P/N TI0160)
  • 1.4" x .100W (P/N TI0170)

We have slashed prices on the tubing that we're no longer going to stock; buy 8+ feet and receive 35 - 40% off while supplies last!  Buy the remaining stock of any of our clearance sizes and make us an offer we can't refuse!

Important Information

  1. Domestic tubing is 3/2.5 seamless manufactured by Sandvik Materials Technology; laboratory test reports are available upon request.
  2. Tubing is available for order by the inch.
  3. Receive a 15 - 25% discount for purchase of a full length (see specific product for discount information).
  4. One free cut is provided, additional cuts may be assessed a $10/cut service charge.
  5. For larger quantities and if not otherwise specified, tubing will be cut to 8 foot R/L for shipping.
  6. Due to variations in tubing lengths, actual quantities shipped may be +/- 10%; charges will be adjusted accordingly prior to shipment.
  7. Shipping surcharges may be assessed for larger shipments.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)