FT2001: Tap, T47 Bottom Bracket Shell

FT2001: Tap, T47 Bottom Bracket Shell

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These are the right and left hand taps for all our T47 bottom bracket shells. Both sides measure M47 x 1.0 D-2 8 flute, have a controlled minor diameter, and are made from nitrited M-42 steel. Manufactured in the USA by Cheboyan Tap & Tool Co.

Important Information

  1. These taps are designed to fit Park Tool handles.
  2. Do not apply excessive force on the tap, it will break! See our Guidelines for Use for more information.
  3. Video of how to tap a T47 bottom bracket shell here.

Item sold as 2 piece set.



Item Number FT2001
Weight/Grams 460
Alloy Steel
PDF Drawing No
STEP File (right click, "save as") No