PD100: Stainless Steel PolyDrop Frame Components

PD100: Stainless Steel PolyDrop Frame Components
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These are the 17/4 stainless frame components for our PolyDrop assembly. This item includes four pieces: right and left chainstay components, and right and left seatstay components. These are fastened with screws to the right and left inserts that can be ordered here. The right side dropout pieces can be separated to allow for belt placement. The angle of the stay tabs are 44 degrees, and may be cut back by the builder to accommodate larger angles.

Item sold as a four piece set.



Item Number PD100
Weight/Grams 150
Alloy 17/4
Material Stainless Steel
STEP File (right click, "save as") PD100
PDF Drawing See specific insert.