CS2023: Steel Single, Zip-Tie, Small Miter

CS2023: Steel Single, Zip-Tie, Small Miter

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This single saddle cable guide is used for holding disc brake hydraulic hose or full-length housing to the frame with a zip-tie. It has four ears forming a miter that are meant to be fusion welded to the tube, eliminating the need for any filler material at the weld. It is 12 mm long and has a 5/32" slot between the ears to allow for a small zip-tie and clearance for paint or powder coating. It is mitered opposite the slot to fit 5/8" to 7/8" tubing. Made from 1018 steel.

Plese note: thick paint or powder coat may clog the zip-tie slot.

Item sold individually.



Item Number CS2023
Weight/Grams 1
Alloy 1018
Material Steel
Miter 5/8" to 7/8"