BK2023: Steel 3 Piece Brake Boss, 5/8" Miter, .368" to CL

BK2023: Steel 3 Piece Brake Boss, 5/8" Miter, .368" to CL

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This boss is composed of 3 pieces: a steel boss that can be welded, silver-soldered or brazed to the stays, a stainless steel ring for the brake return spring, and a steel post that threads into the boss. The boss is supplied mitered to fit 5/8" stays. The offset from the pivot center line to the stay center line is 0.368". It is machined from 4130 steel bar stock. The post has a M10 x 1.5 external thread to fit the boss, and a M6 x 1 internal thread for the brake mounting bolt. The brake pivot on the post is 8 mm OD x 16.4 mm long; all V-brakes and cantilever brakes will fit.

For pre-2008 Shimano brakes or Avid Ultimate Shorties ask us to substitute in our longer post, BK2014, as it allows 1/32" more room under the brake pivot.

Item sold individually.



Item Number BK2023
Weight/Grams 22
Alloy 4130
Material Steel
Miter 5/8"
PDF Drawing BK2023
STEP File (right click, "save as") BK2023