DS0030BD: Titanium Frame Components, Rocker Dropout, No Eyelets, Hole

DS0030BD: Titanium Frame Components, Rocker Dropout, No Eyelets, Hole
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These are the right and left frame components, without eyelets, for our 6/4 titanium Rocker dropout. The right side dropout piece has an 8 mm hole properly located to accommodate a seatstay kit for a belt drive option. The dropout pieces are 6 mm thick at the bolt area and 4 mm thick at the stay tabs. All edges are chamfered or radiused for a clean look. The total adjustment is 0.68" (17.3 mm), and as it swings through the arc, the total vertical variation is .030" (.76 mm).

Important Information

  1. For useful information on adjustable dropouts, including torque values for our bolts, click here.
  2. Order right and left inserts separately here.
  3. The hardware for assembly is included: four each M8 x 1.25 x 16 steel button head cap screws, and four each 2 mm thick washers.
  4. Titanium combination or button head screw upgrades are available at a 30% discount with the purchase of the frame components. See Related Products on this page; one bolt discount/dropout, discount taken in cart.
  5. A compatible seatstay kit is available from Related Products below
  6. Skewers are available at a 23% discount with the purchase of a compatible right side insert.
  7. For a rocker dropout tensioner option click here. Note:  this is not a Paragon Machine Works products.  For product issues/questions contact PDX TI directly.

Item includes right and left frame components and steel bolt kit.



Item Number DS0030BD
Weight/Grams 109 (frame pieces only)
Alloy 6/4
Material Titanium
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PDF Drawing See individual insert.