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Bicycle Frame Building Components


Paragon Machine Works is the world's premier provider of titanium bicycle frame building components. We also carry a wide assortment of steel, stainless steel and aluminum components. All of our products are manufactured on site at our shop in Richmond, California.




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We carry Shimano E-Thru, DT Swiss RWS, Syntace, and ToggleDrop skewers in varying lengths.

Useful Information for Axles/Skewers



Bottom Bracket Shells

Our selection of bottom brackets shells includes threaded, non-threaded, BB30, PF30, and for Bushnell eccentric in a variety of sizes and materials. They are all machined in one operation. The threads, bores, and faces are as perfectly concentric, square, and parallel as can be manufactured on modern CNC equipment. There is no need for any pre-machining on the framebuilders part before fabrication. All of our threaded bottom bracket shells are 1.37" x 24 threads per inch, right and left threaded (also know as British Standard, ISO/English or BSA), and are compatible with all modern threaded bottom bracket spindles.

Bottom Bracket Shell Overview

Bottom Bracket Shell Standards Reference

T47 Engineering Drawing (Chris King)


Brake Mounting Components

Our brake mounting components are available in titanium, steel and stainless steel. This category includes: road bike brake bridges, cantilever brake bosses, disc brake mounts and replacement parts for brake bosses.


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Bottle Openers

All of Paragon Machine Work's bottle openers are made to last; the only reason you'll ever need to replace one is if you lose it. They make perfect gifts and party favors, and can be customized with your company name and logo for promotional swag. Hands down and bottles up, a PMW bottle opener will be the best one you've ever owned.

Cable Stops

We carry a wide variety of mitered and unmitered single, double, and triple cable stops. Included in this category are shift bosses, STI stops, and guides for hydraulic disc brake lines.



This category includes front dropouts and non-adjustable rear dropouts for road, mountain, single speed frames, and disc brake applications. Also included are replacement hangers for our dropouts.

Please note: frame components and hangers/inserts must be ordered separately for dropout assemblies.

Useful Information/FAQs for Dropouts

Useful Information/FAQs for Hangers

Useful Information/FAQs for Skewers

Adjustable Dropouts

This category includes our adjustable sliding, rocker, and ToggleDrop dropouts as well as their replaceable inserts. Belt drive options and Rohloff applications are also available.

Please note:  frame components and inserts must be ordered separately for adjustable dropout assemblies.

Useful Information/FAQs for Adjustable Dropouts

Useful Information for ToggleDrops

ToggleDrop Assembly Drawing

ToggleDrop Assembly Instructions

ToggleDrop Assembly Video

Frame Building Tools

This category includes tools needed to manufacture a bicycle frame such as heatsinks, hole saw arbors, purge plugs and tube blocks.



titanium headtube


Our headtubes are available in titanium, steel, and stainless steel and accept all 44 mm headset cups. By using different headsets they can use forks with 1-1/8" and 1-1/2" straight and tapered steerers.



This catch-all category includes a variety of bicycle frame building components in titanium, steel and stainless steel: belt drive options, binders, bolt kits, water bottle bosses, bullets, crown race, derailleur mounts, ISCG mounts, rack mounts, seat collars and others.

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Our PolyDrops are available in titanium and stainless steel and consist of two chainstay pieces, two seatstay pieces and replaceable inserts (sold separately from frame components). The wide variety of bolt-on inserts can be used with traditional 135 x 10 or 142 x 12 mm, dropouts with or without rack eyelets, ISO or post 160 brake mounts, and a belt drive system. As bicycle standards evolve, we intend to make inserts for any innovation as long as it fits within the limits of the design.

Please note: frame components and inserts must be ordered separately for PolyDrop assemblies.

titanium steerer clamp

Stem Parts

Our selection of stem parts includes back plates, front plates, shims and steerer clamps. Our front plates can be anodized and custom engraved with your company logo.


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