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2024 Aluminum Hangers


Paragon Machine Works has always offered replaceable derailleur hangers from two alloys, 6061 and 7075.  6061 is corrosion resistant, will bend before it breaks, may be bent back into position (depending on the severity of the bend), and is inexpensive.  7075 is a far stronger material, and will not bend when subject to a blow that will bend 6061.  However, 7075 will fail catastrophically (break) when pushed hard enough.  7075 must be anodized to resist corrosion, and is more expensive than 6061.

Having two hangers has led to confusion among builders and riders as to which is the preferred material for their riding style.  It also forces us to manufacture, anodize, and inventory two hangers.  In an effort to supply a better part to our customers, and reduce our manufacturing and administrative work, we are now offering hangers made from 2024 aluminum.  This alloy is a compromise between 6061 and 7075, offering the best qualities of both materials.

2024 hangers will be available as our old stock sells out.  Once the remaining inventory of 6061 and 7075 is sold, we will only stock 2024.  They will be available black and clear anodized, and in short and long lengths.

Please note:  A replaceable hanger may not save the derailleur when the hanger fails.  The goal is to minimize damage to the frame and be quickly replaced by the rider.  Always carry a spare, and if you hear ANY abnormal noises or shifting from the derailleur, stop and inspect!  Hangers may be bent from crashes, impacts, laying the bike down on the drive side, and Derby.