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Bicycle Frame Building Components

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Components for the Pinion Gearbox

The Pinion Gearbox is gaining popularity in the US and we are happy to be a part of it by manufacturing a compatible titanium bridge and yoke. Our bridge, PP0001, provides the connection from the Pinion transmission to the frame tubing.  It is CNC machined from 6/4 titanium in two halves; the two halves must be welded together by the builder.  There are three 2 mm pin holes and pin material supplied for alignment of the two halves.  This bridge will accept all versions of the Pinion transmission.


The Specs
1) The area at the down tube has a 1-1/2" radius for mitering.
2) The seat tube connection is a plane.
3) The radius at the chain stays is 1.00".
4) The bridge is 2-1/2" wide overall and 2.44" at the chainstay connection.

Our yoke, PP0011, is CNC machined from 6/4 titanium and is made up of two halves that must be welded together by the builder.  It is pre-mitered to fit cleanly on our Pinion bridge. It will accept tires up to 2-1/2" wide, and has clearance for almost any chain or belt drive sprocket. The chainstay socket connections fit 7/8" x .035 tubing and should be shortened by the builder to save weight.

A beautiful use of the Pinion Gearbox can be found on a bicycle built by Joseph Ahearne of Page Street Cycles.  Joseph also chose to use our stainless steel flat ToggleDrop with a seatstay kit for belt drive, a dropout with a quick release device for belt or chain tensioning.  Here’s what he had to say:

"This bike is a Page Street Cycles "Outback" Off Road Touring Bike with a Pinion 18 speed gearbox and 650+ wheels. Page Street Cycles is a collaborative effort between myself and Christopher Igleheart. We're just having fun making cool stuff. This bike being our best example of that.  I was able to ride the bike for a couple of miles before boxing and shipping it, and I have to say, the dropouts worked like a dream for getting belt tension and wheel alignment, and to be able to drop the wheel out of the frame, and put it back and set right.  Pretty friggin' rad.  And it looks awesome."

We hope the lucky owner of this bike enjoys it as much as Joseph did!