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Bicycle Frame Building Components


New Dropouts

Syntace Dropouts

DR2092We have added 1-1/4" diameter x 25.4 mm wide options to our selection of steel (DR2092) and titanium (DR0092) Syntace dropouts that are compatible with the Syntace X-12 System.  The right side frame component accommodates a concentric or eccentric threaded insert, allowing the wheel to be centered in the frame following any inconsistencies in frame construction.  The complete assembly for the Syntace X-12 System requires a right side hanger with screw, skewer, and threaded insert that are available for purchase separately here.

Low Mount Disc Dropouts

DR2030 1280x1277We now offer our titanium and stainless steel low mount disc dropouts in 58 degree versions:  DR0031 and DR1031 (with eyelets), and DR0035 and DR1035 (no eyelets).  In addition we have updated all styles so that there is consistancy across all products.  The geometry will remain unchanged, but all materials will be 5 mm thick and relieved on the outside face.  Revised dropouts will be sold as current inventory runs out.  Our full thickness expedition versions will remain the same.